Intelligent Real time Interactive System 


Every morning our day begins by looking at ourselves at least once, in a mirror, we interact with it psychologically to make us look in the best possible attire. The idea of a computer screen embedded in a mirror gives a futuristic look. This is brought to you by the' Interactive Real-time Intelligent System (IRIS). It is a mirror which recognizes face and emotion and responses suitably. While looking at the mirror you can also have a glance at various notifications from social sites as well as weather forecast and much more. These mirrors can be programmed to work as an upshot of AI and control home appliances using IOT by voice input or touch screen. Smart mirrors ensue from science fiction. They're part of an optimistic vision of the future that calls for an imaginary world where screens and data are everywhere, ready to feed you all the information you would need at a moment's notice. It incorporates multiple features like google calendar, real-time news updates, control over one's security system and much more. It helps in developing smart houses with embedded artificial intelligence, as well as finding its applications in industries. This makes switching home appliances easy. What's more captivating is that it automatically turns off as soon as you leave your abode. How wonderful it would be to have to control everything at your fingertips! Using IRIS, all home appliances can be put under control. This paves the way to experience true intelligence.

Paper Abstract
Features of IRIS
  • Google calendar  


  • Live weather updates   


  • Real-time face recognition  

  • Customizable personal notification & reminder 

  • Stock market updates


  • Live news updates


  • Monthly updates


  • Control over the entire security

Features of IRIS


Intelligent Real time Interactive System 


What advertisement would ever exist that is emotional, unavoidable, and measurable?! Presenting the Smart Advertising Mirror which is composed of Interactive Visual Systems and Interactive Multimedia Displays that is used as Interactive Advertising Displays. Habitually, this mirror displays advertisements and turns off immediately into the mirror itself when one appears in front of it. This feature is attained using Ultrasonic Sensors which attracts and counts each viewer. It has inculcated roles of two: when you're far away from its a lightbox with advertising feature and when you're in front of the mirror display, it turns back into the usual mirror. It ensures to impress with full HD images of dimensions up to 82''.

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Features of IRISShow
  • Customizable  size

      The size of the display can be changed depending upon the physical space available


  • Control advertisement on the go

      All the advertisement videos /photos will be stored on a cloud server.

      The advertisement team can control the advertisement through a  website provided along with it


  • Schedule  the  timing  of  the  advertisement

      A specific time slot can be given to each advertisement


  • Every screen will have a unique ID,  the advertisement team can control each screen individually.


  • Statistics of the advertisement played



Intelligent Real time Interactive System 

STELLAR REFLECT is an intelligent solution that notifies your water bills, electricity bills even your appointments. Features of stellar reflect are not limited to this, you can send messages to your neighbors, send group notifications and moreover, it's a mirror doing all these functions.